We’re celebrating freedom on two wheels by challenging you to get out and ride this summer. Join a PeopleForBikes Ride for Freedom Challenge during the month of July and go on 7, 14 or 21 rides (of at least 4 miles) to earn your Ride for Freedom patch.
The summer heat is here and we’re getting through it the best way we know how — on our bikes. During the month of July, we want you to show us what discovering freedom on two wheels means to YOU! The sun on your face, the wind in your hair, riding to the beach or to pick up a frosty treat, share your summertime rides with us on Ride Spot all month long.
All recorded rides must be at least 4 miles to count towards any Ride for Freedom Challenge goal.
Beat the heat and go on 7 rides this July to earn your Ride for Freedom patch. Don’t forget your water bottle and some extra snacks!
Get out and enjoy some fun in the sun (with the proper SPF, of course) and earn your patch by going on 14 rides during the month of July.
Looking for more pedaling? Show us how it’s done and ride your bike 21 times (or more!) to earn your Ride for Freedom patch this July.
Joining a Challenge is easy: Register for a (free) account on Ride Spot and set up your profile (don’t forget to add your bike!). In the app, search for the PeopleForBikes Ride for Freedom Challenges and select your goal (7 rides, 14 rides or 21 rides). Every time you get out on your bike, record it on Ride Spot and your miles will be automatically counted towards your goal!
PeopleForBikes Summer Fun
Ride 8, 16 or 32 miles each week during the month of August.
PeopleForBikes Fall Frolic
Go on 9, 18 or 30 rides (of at least 2 miles) during the month of September.
PeopleForBikes Ride or Treat
Ride 10, 20 or 31 miles during the month of October.
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