There’s a million reasons to get on your bike! From pedaling to get your morning cup of coffee, to admiring your city’s public art on two wheels to just getting out for a family bike ride, we collected a few of our favorites for a little inspiration to keep riding.


Coffee and riding bikes go together as perfectly as the peanut butter and jelly in your post-ride sandwich. Pedaling to snag your pre-work caffeine or grabbing an espresso at the end of a long ride, coffee and bikes are two things we can’t live without.


art + architecture

Admiring the beauty of your city is best done on two wheels. From massive murals to spectacular sculptures to astounding architecture, there’s so much more to see and explore when you go by bike.



Sometimes the journey IS about the destination. If there’s anything we love more than riding bikes, it’s pairing our pedal with a tasty treat. Picking up a box of donuts after your ride or stopping for an impromptu ice cream break? Order extra — you earned it.



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nature + Wellness

Escape the stress of crowded city life and get in touch with your wild side. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time on your bike surrounded by the beautiful sights and sounds of nature.



Every bike ride is an adventure, but some are a step above the rest. Scenic mountain bike rides, epic bikepacking trips, 100-mile road expeditions — bikes can take you on some incredible journeys, all you need to do is pedal.


social justice

We are experiencing a historical turning point for social justice in America, and bikes are on the front lines. From leading peaceful protests to organizing rides to remember our nation’s turbulent history, bikes can help us listen, learn and do better.


family friendly

The best part about riding a bike? It’s fun for the whole family! Get the fam off the couch and on their bikes for a ride to the park or just around the block. Good times and big smiles guaranteed.



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Bikes do more than just provide joy — they take you where you need to go. Commuting by bike keeps you happy and healthy, reduces traffic congestion and improves air quality. The best part? You always get a front row parking spot.


better bike networks

From providing funding for new or improved bike paths, parks and trails to working with city leaders to transform their communities into better places for bikes, our mission is to make biking better for everyone.


surprise me!

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can ride your bike, and they don’t always fit into a specific category. Here’s to all the rides that break the mold.



Great rides are meant to be shared! No matter what kind of biking you do, every ride has a story. Thanks to Ride Spot, sharing those stories has never been easier. Are you passionate about biking and inspiring others to ride? Join our Ambassador team today.


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