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Escape the stress of crowded city life and get in touch with your wild side. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time on your bike surrounded by the beautiful sights and sounds of nature.

The Otter-worldy Gravel Grind

Vergas, Minnesota | 66 mi

"Over the course of the day, the ride rolled over the undulating hills, past a multitude of lakes and farmhouses, and slushed through the fallen amber, gold, and red leaves. This is honestly one of my most loved gravel rides. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is looking for a fun and gorgeous day out on the bike."
- Isaac Novak


Little town, big heart

Schwertner, TX | 32 mi

"Take a ride under the big Texas sky on gravel and county roads using Schwertner as your base. There is hardly any traffic and endless expansive scenery. Leave the skinny tires at home for this one!"
- Bicycle Sport Shop


mandate 2020

Cable, Wisconsin | 22 mi

This year the semi-annual Mandate trip stuck a little close to home. In 2016 we went to Whistler. In 2018 we were in Sedona. And 2020, being what it is, we headed to Hayward. I'll be honest, I'd heard the riding was good but after Whistler and Sedona I wasn't expecting much. I was wrong.
- Jeremy McKinley


3 lakes, 2 states, 1 riding buddy + 36 miles of fun!

Highland, Indiana | 36 mi

Smooth bike paths, frequent geese crossings, blooming wild flowers, a quick dip into the lake, and a stop for some iced coffee. What more could you ask for on a gorgeous summer bike ride?
- Marianne Lee


People For Plants

Boulder, Colorado | 7.7 mi

It's finally spring time, and for many, that means planting season! With COVID-19 forcing us into quarantine, PeopleForBikes' own Isaac Novak started looking for different ways to positively engage their brain, get outdoors and stay healthy. Follow along as Isaac bikes to pickup supplies and plant a little pollinator garden.
- PeopleForBikes


east garrison loop

East Garrison, California | 5.1 mi

You’ll love this rolling, sandy single track that welcomes mountain and gravel riders of all skill levels. The trail has very few technical features or sustained climbs, which makes it ideal for a mellow weekend or weekday ride. Expect green scenery, peaceful ponds and even a wildlife sighting or two.
- PeopleForBikes


Creekside Scenic Loop

Salinas, California | 4.1 mi

Straight out of the Fort Ord parking lot you begin a non-trafficked road climb up to a gravel fire road which gains some elevation as you climb to the top of a stunning vista and view of Salinas.
- PeopleForBikes


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